Test Coupons

There are 4 different sources for coupons for the HC and DELAM tester - generic coupon library, customized coupon library and standardized coupon library. When the product features differ from existing coupons, a new coupon can be requested.

Generic Coupon Library

Generic coupons enable the customer to use a single design for multiple applications. The copper weights and feature sizes can be altered within limits as defined in the coupon modification instructions. Click on one of the technology boxes to download.

Customized and Standardized Coupon Libraries

The customized coupon library and standardized coupon library contain coupons that may be suitable for your product. The major difference between the customized and standardized coupon is the coupon size. "Standard"ized coupons are either .7" x 4.5" (17.8mm x 114.3mm) or 1.1" x 4.5" (27.7mm x 114.3mm). The size of coupons in the "custom"ized library vary.
Refer to the Standardized Coupon feature document for details.

New Coupon Request

New coupons can be created if generic and existing coupons are not suitable for your product. Please refer to the Design Work Sheet Page for details.

Coupon Zip File

The coupon zip file contains a fabrication drawing (.pdf), README file, Gerber 274x files and drill files. Newer coupon zip files may also include an ODB++ file. Here is a sample zip file